I think it's been 4 years since my last newspost and it's time to change that, if anyone remembers me.

Glad to see newgrounds is still going strong, i've missed the old gal'. Looks a tad different. Hopefully the old Flash Forum reg's are still about, still producing mind blowing stuff.

I'll have more games coming out over the next week, and i'm currently looking for devs/animators/coders to work with on several mobile device applications. If you're interested, PM me.

I'm Back, Everything is Different, I'm Scared

New post.

2008-09-27 16:32:30 by Depredation


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg-RObt -6-U

If you didn't know, the Tutorial Collab '07 is now open. There are still loads of parts left so go check it out :).

The Tutorial Collab '07 = Open

The Tutorial Collaboration '07

2007-07-19 15:40:12 by Depredation

I was thinking of starting the next 'Tutorial Collab' soon, as the summer holidays are approaching. But i have a problem.

Amount of Collabs

The amount of collabs has risen by almost 50 since the collapse of NGCollabs.Com, and as a side effect, half the forum are busy doing for something or another. Anyways, the problem with this is that, to think if i start the next collab, there will be no one to join.

Anyway, if you have any ideas, or if you think i should start in the next week or so, please reply, it's a great help. You'll be credited in the final piece :).

Might aswell give this new fangled news post a go, and i wanted to say some pointless crap, so i'm put two and two together and this is what i came up with.

Mexican Hat Catch

As you may or may not know, i released mine (and j1mps) new game a day or two ago. It didn't do amazingly, but it was never intended to, so i guess it was a success. If you enjoy Mexicans, Luis, Sombreros and Hot Food, this is a definite play.

Oh, and also check out FlashRage.com :).

*takes bag of cash*


So newgrounds redesign is finally up, and i must say that it's one fucking amazing piece of design. The coding and art seem to flow very well, and all the little things really add to the site. For example, i'm loving the fade in/out effect when you click a submission or create a link.

Also, the new background is very nice, and i think it highlights the header very well. If there was ever a redesign to be hyped about, this would definitely take lead.

Half Life 2

Anyone who has this game will know how frustrating the 'Steam' program can be, i just found out for myself. I bought Half LIfe 2/CS:S from amazon for a cheap £7. It arrived to day and i eagerly installed it, waiting for some physics based shotting goodness, but whadya know, something crapped up on me.

Turns out that steam doesn't allow 2 uses of a game code, so when i entered my pre owned code, an error message came up saying the code had already been used and couln't be again.

Anyway, enough said, i was pissed. If anyone has a soloution i'd be grateful, if not, it's going back to amazon >:(.

Anyway, im liking the redesign so far, and this news device is pretty useful. Nothign bad so far, and i think it can only get better.